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Branding & Marketing AI Agency for IT sector


Luxury Marketing

Crafting unique experiences and narratives that resonate with discerning consumers who seek more than just products.

Event Marketing

Creating opportunities for face-to-face engagement with consumers, allowing brands to showcase products & services in a tangible and impactful way.

Beauty Marketing

From captivating visual content on Instagram to informative tutorials, beauty marketing thrives on creativity, authenticity, and inclusivity.

Web Design


SmartAds specializes in crafting and elevating your brand identity and presence of luxury goods companies. We understand the unique needs and expectations of your brand and we work closely with you to develop cohesive branding strategies that reflect your exclusivity, sophistication, and craftsmanship.


Designing unique brand experiences, events, and activations that immerse consumers in the world of the luxury brand, fostering emotional connections and brand loyalty.

Case Studies

Giada Contarelli

“They took into account our values, goals, and unique selling proposition to create a brand that truly represents who we are and what we stand for. They have constantly surprised us with innovative ideas and creative solutions that have helped our brand stand out and attract the attention of our customers.”

Davide Moreau

“Personalised advice: our story stood out for its approach, which was always tailored to our needs. Their personalised advice helped us develop strategies that were perfectly aligned with our goals and our high end audiences.”

Alex Meier

shaping the identity, perception,

and success of luxury brands